POP Displays – A Must For Product Sales Boost

You could be launching a new product or simply want to explore a larger range of customers for your products or simply want that it should reach greater number of hands. In order to achieve any of these objectives, you may need the help of POP displays or point of purchase displays. No matter what your product is, these can do wonders for it. Moreover, your sales will automatically reach a new height.  Apart from that you can also get your customer’s first hand reaction about your product which can be very useful for you.

Now comes the most important question, what are the POP displays and how these could be used to attain the marketing goals. Point of purchase displays or POP displays are the materials used in stores and other retails locations for the brand promotion and sale. They are generally being used to launch a new product. These displays are so unique and customer oriented that they draw the customers’ attention quickly and attract them so that they will buy the product.

However, the use of the POP will be according to your targeted audience. So we can say that these displays vary according to its targeted customers. These displays are either custom made or printed and range in size, shape and material to give companies the ability to create the perfect product display.

For the brand promotion and sales there are different types of displays are being used by the sellers. However, three common types of the POP displays which are being used can help you in achieving your target. These are countertop, in-line and floor displays. Countertop displays are small units designed to sit on a counter or small surface. In-line displays are placed on store shelves. Floor displays can be place anywhere in the store and are the largest type of POP display.

Now some points that you could use for brand promotion and sales. If you are planning to promote small items then you can use countertop store displays to get your targeted audience.

If your product is new or simply you are looking for greater number of sales pitches then you can use in-line store displays so that a greater number of customers could be attracted towards your product. This will help you in getting your target sales and you can get the response of the customers directly thereon.

If you are planning to sell large products then you can use the floor POP displays to get your targeted audience.

Once your basics are clear then you can use other type of POP displays that can bring you your desired customers and help in the brand promotion also.

POP Displays Tips

Point of Purchase or POP refers to the location in which a transaction takes place. A “checkout” is a POP terminal or the hardware and the software used for the purpose of checkouts; and are equivalent to an electronic cash register. Point of purchase displays or POP displays on the other hand refers to a specialized kind of sales promotion, which is found near, or next to the checkout counter, which is the “point of purchase”. These displays are set up for the purpose of drawing the attention of the customers to the products, which might be new products, or are available on special offers. They can also be used for promoting special events, such as seasonal or holiday sales. POP displays may include shelf edging, display packs, dummy packs, display stands, posters, mobiles, as well as banners.

Generally in case of smaller retail outlets, such displays are supplied by manufacturers of the products, which are sold by the retailer. They are sited, restocked as well as maintained by their regular salespersons. This is however less common in case of large supermarkets, since they may control the activities of the suppliers due to the large purchasing power. More over, they prefer to make use of their own materials designed for being consistent with the corporate theme as well as store layout.

Common items which might appear in the POP displays throughout the year include batteries, candy, soft drinks, chewing gum, comics, magazines, tobacco, as well as writable DVDs and CDs. Such displays are also useful for outlets with restricted floor space, since there tends to be a lot of wasted space around the counters.

POP displays are usually covered with branding for products that they are selling, and are generally made of foam board or cardboard, and/or feature a covering on a plastic or Perspex stand, with all intended to be replaceable and disposable easily. This allows the designers to make total use of colors as well as printing for making the display appealing visually. A few displays are fixed and are non-disposable. They may include lighting for making the display more visible. They may also include a cooler, generally for ice cream or drinks. On the other hand, some of them may be not more than a simple metal basket, with no designs on the outside, and simply show the price. Such kinds of displays are easier to refill.

In recent times, Light boxes have become particularly popular. A light box refers to an illuminated POP display. Usually such displays use fluorescent tubes for illuminating a poster, which is inserted in the light box.

Nonetheless, irrespective of what kind of POP displays is used, they tend to be an important marketing tool.

POP Displays, Point of Purchase Displays

POP Displays

POP Displays

The fundamental truth does not change. Let us assume two companies A and B. Company A is not communicating with customers when they enter the market, then naturally this company will not be considered in the buying decision. On the other hand in case of company B which makes its buyers familiar with its brand there are chances the consumers will purchase the brand of company B. The more familiar buyers are with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase the brand. It is also true that a significant number of sales are lost because the consumer simply did not have enough knowledge of the product. As awareness increases, buyers are more likely to consider purchasing that specific product. And this awareness can be created by using Advertising means. Advertising is an effective sales tool.

Point of purchase displays or POP displays are particularly designed materials proposed for placement in retail stores. There are chances that a product will be able to attract the eyes of the customer once they are predominantly present over the POP displays. There are many styles of POP displays but the most popular and eye catching are ones that allow a product to stand alone where it will be exposed to heavy customer traffic.

Eye catching POP display designs. Specializing in custom point of purchase displays. These displays assist the clients with better retail placement. Recognizing each customer’s unique needs and expectations and depending upon those needs to design the custom POP displays. The POP displays are durable and high performing. They catch the attention of the customers instantly.

Point of purchase displays can result in an increase in the sales as compared to normal shelf position for channel partners. Check us out for all of your POP display needs.

Use Point of Purchase Displays or POP Displays to boost sales

Custom POP Displays

Custom POP Displays are commonly used in a retail environment to increase the sales of a product. A well conceived and designed Point of Purchase display will make the difference between converting a sale or not. POP displays point out to the customer to the advantages of your product.
There are many types of custom POP Displays. The most common and effective are the plastic type. You commonly see the brightly colored plastic displays on or around the check out counter. Plastic displays have many advantages over other materials. They are durable, economical and can be manufactured into any imaginable shape, color and size. They are easily printed with great looking graphics, logos and product information. Some Point of Purchase displays hold product, some simply display the product while others do both.
A great custom POP Display will sell your product for you. Incorporating clever graphics and design will not only draw the customers attention to the product, but convince them to purchase it! POP Displays are also a great way to promote the recognition of your brand and highlight the unique features of your product.
Point of Purchase displays are also an extremely effective strategy to promote impulse sales.